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At Viviana’s, we place the joy of good food in your children's hands. We strive to educate your little ones and teenagers on food that actually feeds us and doesn’t just fill us as well as giving us joy and energy. Simple, tasty, and full of flavour, nutritional food is the fundamental core to a strong, healthy, and happy lifestyle.

Food that Exceeds National Expectations

Our nutritional cooking workshops for your children and teenagers offer healthy, appealing meals and snacks that meet the national standards regarding nutrition.( Please note that the standards from the government differ to the materials that are available all over the internet.)

A Letter from Viviana Cerutti, Our Proprietor

‘Viviana means live. Live your life.

And how much I love living it! So, you can imagine the huge disappointment I felt by the time I was 30 when life already became a struggle! Tired in the morning, both during the day and evening. I also noticed rashes and very thin and fine hair with a grey cloud always above my head, as well as lots of other little complaints that I used to think were all normal and simply came with aging.
But I couldn’t accept that. I started to read everything about health and went back to school to study hormones. Getting myself back in a good shape took a few years. The magic wand didn’t come, and one secret tablet or diet didn’t help! I realised that I needed to change my entire lifestyle and that was so difficult, but so worth it.
I tried every possible diet, tried to take as much advice as possible, and tried almost every tablet. Then eventually started to change the way I thought about food as well as my lifestyle.
When I reached the age of 40, I finally found a way to become healthy together with losing a lot of weight. My days are now full of energy! I’m fit and absolutely love living life to the fullest.
It would have been a lot easier if I had known all of these things when I was younger. There is still a lot of discussions about what exactly is healthy or not. But we cannot deny the fact that fruit, vegetables, and herbs are good for us. It’s not up to me to tell anyone what not to eat, but it would be wonderful and so rewarding to be able to introduce real and healthy products to the younger generation.
This became my passion and love and I hope I can inspire many children to grow up knowing what they are eating. Not filling, but feeding.

Viviana Cerutti’

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