Do we need a killerbody

Do we need a killer body?

Loose weight, train, eat healthy, be slim, be big, don't take life too seriously, you only live once, etc.

|There is so much judgement all around us. Models are too slim or too big. We all have our own opinion and how you choose

to approach that opinion is entirely up to you, you make you own life choices. 

We go from one extreme to the another and we are very quick to judge a book by its cover but we forget that we are talking

about our health and life choices. Yes of course, eating healthy is a huge contribution to that as well as 

exercising but in saying that, over exercising is not. 

Eating in a way that allows you as a person to feel vibrant and well in yourself indeed is  

but never eating something bad is not. Its all about balancing it out and a life time adjustment, a change

in the way you think and a change in your entire lifestyle. 

Your liver needs to work which means 80% of it is eating healthy and 20% of it is eating unhealthy.

I hear about a lot of people who are slim and train to be "healthy", but that isn't necessarily true.

If you eat unhealthily and train excessive amounts, your hormones will become unbalanced and worn out and the same applies for

eating too much - it is really all about balance. Training 3-4 times a week for about 45-60 minutes should be more than enough.

Change your exercising habits by walking more, cycle, and most importantly just have fun. 

We don't need a killer body but if you do then you need to watch the food that you eat or it might be easier for you to

talk to someone who specializes in hormones as well as a food trainer and coach.

Look around, how many people over 35 get tired, or think it's normal to be tired after work? We get headaches,

belly aches, rashes, colds and even anxiety etc. We measure ourselves by our looks a lot of the time, but instead 

we should measure ourselves by the way we feel.